Gambit helps governments access knowledge and resources
Gambit works with governments, regional and national administrations, and municipalities to help them understand international context, identify opportunities, and increase the potential of their investment and IR strategies. We seek knowledge about the world's best practices in key regions, and connect you with the specialists, investors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world who provide resources to your growth
Gambit Learning Event in Helsinki, Finland (2019)
Our scope of competences
We provide a wide selection of services to our government clients, with a major focus on knowledge from world's finest experts with first-hand experience, and projects that answer your region or state's key challenges
Gambit Workshops
Former heads of states, global financial experts, experienced government advisors, and corporate founders and leaders providing knowledge and brainstorming on solutions for your country or region
Digital transformation and digital strategies
We work with global expertise carriers (including people who have built the Estonian e-Wonder and architects of the Middle Eastern digital government solutions) to provide comprehensive answers to digitalization challenges
Ad hoc task force
We build groups of investors, advisors, experts, and business founders who will discover your country or region and will discuss and implement investment strategies, business development (tourism, industry...) and public relations
Lobbying and political marketing
We help build you case and construct efficient partnerships with international institutions (EU, NATO, IMF, WB, etc.), and provide advisory and access to leading experts in political marketing solutions
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