Our work with Governments
Our mission
Gambit helps governments access strategic insights and resources to bolster decision-making
Gambit works with governments at the regional and national level as well as with local municipalities to help them better understand their challenges, identify opportunities, and maximise the potential of their investments and policies. We are committed towards acquiring insights and identifying pertinent and applicable best practices that respond to our clients needs. We connect our clients with specialist advisors, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the globe who are keen to contribute to the development of a nation, a region and their people.
Gambit Learning Event in Helsinki, Finland (2019)
Our scope of competences
We provide a wide selection of services to our government clients, with a major focus on knowledge and insights from our network of experts and advisors, each with a proven track record. We also help facilitate projects that answer your region or state's key challenges
  • Gambit Workshops
    Former heads of states, global financial experts, experienced government advisors and corporate visionaries providing knowledge, insights and brainstorming solutions for your country or region
  • Digital transformation and digital strategies
    We work with global experts and pioneers who find themselves at the centre of digital transformations across the globe. We are committed towards providing forward-looking and innovative solutions to digitalisation challenges of your nation or region.
  • Ad hoc task force
    We build specialised advisory groups consisting of investors and regional experts who will explore opportunities and challenges in your country or region. We are committed towards ensuring knowledge sharing, discussion and effective implementation of strategy pursuant to your goals
  • Lobbying and political marketing
    We help build your case and help forge partnerships with international institutions (EU, NATO, IMF, WB, etc.) as well as provide advisory and access to leading experts in the sphere of political marketing
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