Gambit Expedition Hong Kong
February, 2020
Business leaders from Europe
About Gambit Expeditions
Gambit is a French international relations agency, focusing on creating solutions in business, politics and culture for visionary decision-makers all across the globe - to make the world better. We unite leaders through a series of endeavours to produce and share knowledge.

A part of our activity is running Expeditions - trips for small groups of carefully selected individuals that allow the discovery of the planet's most interesting regions. We do sessions that comprise meetings with local key actors, discoveries of business opportunities, dealmaking and a good share of local cultural and culinary experiences.

Learn, Discover, Develop, Enjoy
Taoist temples and Edwardian edifices nestle between skyscrapers, people trade on international markets and light incense to bodhisattvas, vestiges of Chinese clan heritage and European colonial history sit side by side — discover the cultural contrasts that have shaped Hong Kong.

When faced with the challenge of a lack of available land, Hong Kong decided to look up. Today, Asia's world city has more than 7,600 skyscrapers, high-rises and other iconic buildings that make it a living showcase of the best in international contemporary architecture.

The context is difficult - but the opportunities are soaring. Be the one to seaze them before anybody else.
An event that helps develop business, and gain knowledge
  • Max Stozz is a world person, any of his lectures will be kept by your mind. Max will help to open mind to new stands and opinions, lecture will renew your mind
    Avory Anon
    Projects manager in Pixels
  • Max can extol a cup of milk to a king status meaning. Listen to a one lection at least and it will not live you cold.
    Linda Maer
    Creative director in DD agency
  • There are great lectures to artistic people, creative entrepreneurs, students of any direction and for all of them who is interested in new approaches to self-actualisation. Every Max's section concern to global problems. It will not give you fast ready answers but it will open a wide space for new experiments
    Alexander Nacherev
    Founder of Pic Pen studio
  • Max Stozz is of the most interesting speakers from business, science and psychology. Great whiter, kind friend and a genius coach of world brands
    Tim Roberts
    Creative SoSoul
Program of a lection
June, 14 / Tuesday
08:00 – 08:30
08:30 – 10:00
Lovely discoveries. Start from the begining from childhood.
10:15 – 11:30
Big, small and most wonderful questions. This is a part about discovering of a base points in a questions of choise.
11:30 – 12:30
Lunch 🍴🍕🍸
Prices of a lection
Prices are half cut and are current till August, 12 🗓
  • 13-18 row seats
  • speech-to-speech translation
  • Certificate
Reserve tickets
  • 5-12 row seats
  • speech-to-speech translation
  • Certificate
  • Coffee + lunch
Reserve tickets
  • 1-4 row seats
  • speech-to-speech translation
  • Certificate
  • Coffee + lunch
  • Lection record
Reserve tickets
Prices are half cut and are current till August, 12
Live a request to the electure
If you cancel reservation till September the 1st, we will return full price back
Official partner
  • NTech Lab
    NtechLab provides high-performance technologies based on AI powered by accurate and fast algorithms developed in-house. Affordable and easily scalable, our technologies are focused on providing solutions for customers in a variety of areas, including homeland security, public safety, retail, banking, events, online dating. NtechLab's face, silhouette, and action recognition technologies perfectly fit large-scale projects with thousands of video streams and billions of images made in real-life conditions.
Informational partners
Location of the lecture
Av. Medrano 951, National Technologic University FRBA
Phone: +1 123 456 78 90
There will be a speech-to-speech translation during all the event

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