A network of experienced professionals who create solutions that work.
Former Head of State
Former Minister
Former Bank CEO
Leading Academic
Tech Founder
Provocative Thinker
Former IMF Board
Sci-Fi Writer
Unique Engineer
Gambit has one of the best networks in the world when it comes to composing task-specific groups of incredible people. People who can walk the talk.
About Us
"Our mission is to help our clients build a better world, every day"
In our uncertain world, governments have more responsibility than ever to ensure stability and progress. Gambit helps them achieve better results in choosing and implementing technology, managing economy, and improving social policy. With our world-class experts representing years of experience heading states, ministries, and large companies, and with our research partners across the globe, we are positioned better than anyone else to provide unique advise and suggest innovative projects that work.
— Igor Lys, Founder and CEO of Gambit
Gambit's Key Services.
While we focus on providing tailored, bespoke services to our clients to meet their specific needs in a given situation, we also have a catalog of highly efficient services to be inspired by.
  • Workshops & Trainings
    Gambit trains government officials and public servants to better work in efficient teams, better manage knowledge, and better understand and use in their work the world's main megatrends. Our main workshops include:
  • Expeditions
    Since 2018, Gambit has been organizing expeditions to help discover countries and their cultures. This service is back in 2023. Learn more at the dedicated section of our website.
  • Special Projects
    Gambit is proud to be able to align unique task forces composed of leading international experts to answer specific challenges that our clients face. From setting up new ministries and departments to revising national projects, from helping attract partners for new economic clusters to implementing talent-acquisition strategies, Gambit will be able to assist in getting the best answers there are to even the most unconventional issues.

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