Gambit trains government officials and public servants to better work in efficient teams, better manage knowledge, and better understand and use in their work the world's main megatrends.
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Dynamic Governance
Delivered by Gambit's founder Igor Lys, our signature full-day workshop provides an alternative understanding of what governance, and leadership in public organizations, are. The workshop is focused on exploring three main success factors:
The decisions that are taken
Tech & Innovation
How the decisions are transformed info actions and events
The way they are expained to the audiences
To put these factors into practice, the workshop then introduces the "governance flow" — a constant process of self-improvement. At the end of the workshop, officials will be able to:
Know better, and take better decisions
Design better, and better use available resources to craft new solutions
Implement better, and control the delivery of these solutions
Analyze better, and ensure better accountability through more efficient feedback
Each step will be illustrated by leading world's practices, and the participants will jointly work to imagine new approaches to existing problems within the organization.
Gambit puts a very strong emphasis on obtaining, sharing, and explaining knowledge about the current state of the world. Our clients know that having a better understanding of the key tendencies in tech, economy, geopolitics, and other essential domains is what allows them to have an edge over most benchmark competitors. Megatrends discussions are 6-hours working sessions, where Gambit experts, including the world's leading thinkers and doers, share their insights (and insides!) about what is the most relevant today.
Each session is build around the following agenda:
Introduction of the expert(s) and the audience
General trends overview
Key risks and opportunities that arise through this trends for the world, and to the client
Working session on finding ways to use the opportunities and curtail risks

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